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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us


HIENDT(HanKuk Industrial Engeering Co., LTD.) has established in 1968 and has the longest history.  Since the company's establishment, HIENDT has grown along with the industrial development of the Republic of Korea and even now during growth.


H I E N DT has ensured the superior technology. Also H I E N DT has been the model of the number of Non Destructive testing
company founded.


Along with Heavy and Chemical Industries, Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants, Defense Industry, QA Systems which are the cornerstone of national development,


H I E N D T played an important role in building the infrastructure of the national industry in various fields.


We did not spare to invest in training Human Resources for the foundation of the company. Institute was established, as a result of numerous efforts, we have a number of technology patents and introduced advanced technology from overseas. As a result, the value of the company is that qualitative, quantitative growth became significantly.


H I E N D T is a company that wants to be able to share the happiness in the homes of all employees. 

Dreaming of hope remained in a world, as a socially responsible small happy even sharing, 

The company wishes everyone to have more pleasant and happy.


We are a family of heart for the customer's heart. It is the mind for Invisible and little things, with once more with eye-catching touch.

is a true value and Until it is a universal sense of the world, 


H I E N D T will go without losing the original intention always adding something new. For a long time, 

H I E N D T promises to be a company that is remembered with deep trust and touch.


We wish to be with a happy and health to your home and workplace.  




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