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Service Orderer Method Period
Non-destructive Testing of Sin-Gori Units No. 5 and 6 Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd RT.UT.MT.PT 2017.03~present
Non-Destructive Testing of vapor delivery facilities, and the calibration test, Incheon, manufacturing base facility KOGAS RT,UT,PT 2015.09 -2018.06
Samcheok Green Power Unit 1, 2 Construction of Nondestructive Testing services Korea Southern Power RT,UT,MT,PT,PAUT 2013.04 - 2017.03
Non-Destructive Testing of Taean 1 through 8 2012 Korea Western Power RT,UT,MT,PT,ECT 2012.03-2012.12
2011 Ulsan Branch oil tank non-destructive inspection routine maintenance services KNOC MT,TG,pontoon 2011.06-2011.12
Boeun-gun, to Muju main line and Yeongdong ranger station construction Nondestructive Testing services KOGAS RT,UT,PT 2009.07-2012.12
Pyeongtaek, Yongin main line construction (the primary tool) Nondestructive Testing services KOGAS RT,UT,PT 2008.07-2011.12
Non-Destructive Testing of third second (# 20, 21 tanks and this facility) phase of construction, production base a second factory KOGAS RT,UT,PT,VBT 2008.06-2011.08
Nondestructive Testing services (11 and 12 tank) base second part of the third expansion Tongyeong Corporation KOGAS RT,UT,PT,VBT 2006.02-2008.09
Non-Destructive Testing of special vessel services Hanjin Heavy Industries RT,UT,MT,PT 2004.01-2007.06
Non-Destructive Testing of annual unit price contract(STX Ship) STX Ship RT,UT,MT,PT 2002.06-2010.04
City gas a plumbing for Nondestructive Testing Samchuly RT,UT,MT,PT 2002.04 - present
City gas a plumbing for Nondestructive Testing Daehan City Gas RT,UT,MT,PT 2002.01 - present
Non-destructive inspection check to an amusement park Lotteworld RT,UT,MT,PT 2001.06 - present
Non-destructive testing in Hantec Ulsan complex Hantec RT,UT,MT,PT,PAUT,TOFD 1996.08 - present

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